About Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is simply a name for our work, and the sphere that it covers. But it is so much more than that.

Our work involves calling in that of the unseen. Quantum Healing is a big umbrella term for a lot of different modalities of healing.

In essence, it is understanding that at a deep level we are all energy, and by interacting with that energy we can create transformation within one’s body/mind intelligence that can subtly or profoundly change one’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual state of being.

It starts from the premise that all of our bodies are designed to be healthy, and we each have within us the knowledge to heal ourselves.

Sometimes this knowledge is on a conscious level, like when we know we need to eat a certain food in order to correct a misalignment in our body. But most of this is on a subconscious level, such as when you get a cut on your arm, you don’t have to tell your body to heal that cut. It automatically knows there is a cut and sends the needed resources to stop the bleeding and to form a scab and to regrow the skin. You don’t even think about this – the magic just happens.

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How does Quantum Healing work?

We work with the energy of your body/mind intelligence to heal what it has not been healing. Taking it a step further, We “look” at what may be blocking or hindering your body from healing itself, and facilitate removing those blocks. Once those are removed, we facilitate your body to heal itself.

Starting with the understanding that your body was created and designed to be able to heal itself, we ask fundamental questions such as, if our body is not healing, then why not? What is creating the block that somehow has allowed you to be sick, depressed, hypersensitive?

These questions are just as important as the healing process. If you just address the physical or emotional condition, then you are doing what much of western medicine does, which is to only address the symptom and not the cause. As we know in western medicine, sometimes this works great, and other times it fails miserably. However, even if you address the symptom, if the underlying cause is still active, your body will continue to look for ways to manifest this. Either in the same way, if the same physical condition persists, or in a new way if you managed to heal or mask out the current physical condition.

‘So if our body is not healing, then why not? What is creating the block that somehow has allowed us to be sick, depressed, hypersensitive?’

For some people this can be much easier than others. For our clientele, it can actually be quite complicated, which is why they generally have not had successful results with western medicine or alternative practitioners. We are usually the last stop on a long list of western and alternative modalities they’ve tried.

What will I experience during a quantum healing session?

When a client comes to us for private healing sessions, we start with a consultation. If it is for distance healing, this is done over the phone. If you are inquiring about a private healing retreat at our center in the rainforests of Hawaii, this will be done via a video conference call such as Skype.

In the consultation we want to know what it is you are not happy with and wishing to change. This can be emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, or a combination of any of these. Once our questions are answered and we have a clear understanding of your goals, one or both of us will energetically connect with you and using our own unique talents, hear or see what might need to be addressed in order to facilitate the outcome you are looking for.

We don’t diagnose, nor do we ever tell someone to stop working with their doctors or practitioners. Rather, we want to know what you are currently doing so we can see how best to work with that energy.

If you’re on doctor prescribed medication, that is fine. If after working with us your symptoms begin to subside or disappear, we may recommend you go see your doctor again so you can review your current protocol to see if anything needs to be changed from their perspective.

During the consultation we will discuss our recommendations for how we can best address your goals. For example, if you are seeking distance healing, we will schedule sessions on the phone together.

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Distance Healing Center of Volcano Island Haven in Hawaii

Why distance healing?

This type of healing allows the ability to heal from a distance. While it takes time for practitioners to learn to be effective, it can be a very advanced form of healing, which allows the practitioner and the client to be anywhere in the world without having to travel or leave their home, which many times is not possible for the client.

We have been doing distance healing for over 23 years.

How does distance healing work?

Since energy travels at the speed of light, it is virtually instant in our perception. Most of us have experienced a form of this and never even realized it. Have you ever been thinking of someone you know, and the phone rings and it’s them? Or you call them and they say they were just thinking about you? That is a very basic form and example of energy. You have a connection to that person already. When they start thinking about you, or you them, the connection already begins. If you or they are in a receptive state, then sometimes we realize this connection and are amazed when they call.

This is a very rudimentary example of what we have trained ourselves to do for our clients.

Sometimes clients will feel this energy during a session, and other times you may not feel a thing. It is not important whether you feel anything during a session. Instead, what is important is what you notice over the next several days or week. This will give you a better indication of how your are progressing in your healing.