Daerick’s Story

Told from Daerick’s perspective.

“I believe that we all come into this life with natural gifts. But without training and practice, we will never manifest these gifts to their fullest potential.”

You can take 3 kids, all with the natural ability and gift to become concert pianists. One doesn’t get a teacher or even practice. One has a teacher but doesn’t practice much, and one has a teacher and practices hours a day. Only the last one will have the chance to become a concert pianist.

One of my own natural gifts is to facilitate healing in others. Yet that gift wasn’t clear to me, or even clearly evident in my life, until I committed to the disciplined and comprehensive training and practice that I was to receive.

My own professional training as a healer facilitator began more than 23 years ago, in a remote community up in the mountains called Idyllwild. I was blessed to be taught for 5 years in a full immersion training, averaging 12 hours training a day, 6 days a week.

I call myself a healer facilitator because I am not doing the healing. I am facilitating that part of your body that already knows how to heal itself. There might be emotional blocks in the way, karmic patterns to release, or environmental concerns to address in order to fully allow the body to do what it was designed to do, and that is to heal itself automatically.

As you can imagine, my training was intense, challenging, yet so rewarding. For the first 6 months I was only allowed to heal myself.  After I showed enough proficiency I started to work on clients, while my teacher closely monitored my work. Similar in many ways to a residency program medical doctors have to go through.

Spiritual healing element image from volcano island haven in hawaii

But the foundation of my work as a healer facilitator began much earlier than that.

A highly sensitive person, as a child I had no idea what to do with it. I learned to be in fear, and lived most of my life in fear of what others thought of me. I had fears of making a mistake. Being rejected. Not being loved.

This physically manifested into my body through severe allergies to food and my environment. Throughout my childhood, I had several operations, I remember having to go to the hospital every single week for a series of shots for a number of years.

This became my life.

I was highly sensitive or allergic to grasses, pollen, certain trees, dogs, cats, horses, milk, eggs, apples, bananas, avocados…the list went on.

I was also unable to swim, as I had tubes that had to stay in my ears. And after years, when I was finally able to go – I had to wear one of those white plastic caps to protect the tubes in my ears from getting wet. Imagine the teasing I got from that!

But through all this, I learned for ways to protect myself. Because of my hypersensitivity, I learned to sense others’ emotions. I would start to get an intuitive sense or feel for what someone was feeling, so that I could adjust what I said or did.

I used this sense at the time to try to protect my own feelings – to avoid the pain of being hurt by others. This led to me being incredibly shy and introverted, which led to a downward spiral of being bullied and leaving me even more isolated than before.

Alternative healing place image from volcano island haven in hawaiiI would never express my feelings until I knew the environment was a safe one to do so within – and even then, I would be constantly monitoring the situation and my guard always up.

I find it hard to look back now and see how much of my life revolved around adjusting how I reacted to the world around me based on what others thought or did. The level of fear I lived in was pretty high.

But it also helped teach me in ways that I am now immensely grateful, that I couldn’t have realised at the time. Learning to feel what others are feeling has become an instrumental foundation for the healing and energy work that I do now.

Remote healing facility of volcano island haven in hawaii

For so many years, I never looked at my ability to sense others’ emotions as a gift.

Far from it – I thought of it as a fault of mine. That it meant that I was weak, or screwed up in some way. That I was different from others – and why couldn’t I be like them? Why did I have to live in fear of what others’ thought of me, when they seemed to move through life with ease?

It wasn’t until I turned 32 that I experienced what seeing energy in this way could do in a positive way, during a fairly traumatic event that was literally burned into my memory.

I had been working on my old car, which was overheating.

Quantum healing icon of volcano island havenThere was a hole in my radiator, so I poured in this temporary solution called Stop-Leak, which consists of small aluminum flakes which would be sucked down to the whole and plug it up. As I was leaning over the engine seeing if it was working, the radiator exploded. I was caught in a burst of poisonous, scalding liquid and metal. My face, arms and hands were burning.

I remember looking at my arms and hands, seeing the redness of my skin and brushing off burning aluminum metal flakes as best I could. I went into the house, calling out to my soon-to-be-wife Nedrra. When I saw the look in her eyes, I knew that my face must be as bad as my arms.

Nedrra is a truly gifted empath, and an incredible healer, who I trust with my life. But as she sat me down to help, she asked me a question that would change my life forever.

“I can heal you, or you can learn to heal yourself. Do you want to learn how to heal yourself?”

Even through all my pain, I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

I nodded.

Spiritual healing elements picture from VIH at hawaii

As she guided me, I began to see energy in a whole new way.

I could see the energy in my body, and in my arms in particular. I saw the escalation of crisis that was going on within my skin. I started learning how to use this energy. How to shift its direction, and how to guide my own body to heal itself.

Within minutes my body had stopped escalating in crisis. In less than 10 minutes the swelling on my arms had begun to subside, and my pain was lessening. And within 1 hour, what had been sure to become a severe burn, was now just splotchy red marks on my face and arms. Weeks later, even my scars had disappeared. I was left with one very small scar to remind me that this was real. I really did heal myself.

This experience kick-started my journey into ‘quantum healing’.

I studied under Nedrra full-time for the next 5 years, first learning how to heal myself and then working with others. I still consider her my mentor, and who I turn to if I have a challenging case and need a second opinion.

What was once my biggest burden, my sensitivity, is now the foundation I build on to facilitate others to heal. Heal from physical, emotional and/or spiritual conditions, heal from the sensitivities of their environment…and learn how to sustain this for themselves.

Because of my geographic remoteness, a significant part of my training was learning how to do my work from a distance. In other words – I can facilitate your healing while I am in Hawaii, and you are at home (wherever that is in the world).

I believe we are all connected, and have the potential to connect consciously to others on an energetic level.

But this takes training – my training involved how to “see” someone from a distance, and how to communicate to their body in such a way that it begins to heal itself.

picture of healing supplements from vih at hawaii
Quantum healing icon of vih at hawaii

My mission as a healer facilitator is to help you emanate from your authentic self more and more, to co-create with nature in a way that reactivates your body to heal itself, and finally, to help you learn how to co-create the life you want.

Together, we will be addressing the physical condition(s) as well as the emotional and spiritual connections that may be furthering dis-ease in your body.

I waited 32 years to begin to change my life. But I needed help from someone who had already been there before.

Imagine how your life could change if you had someone there to help facilitate those changes within you? What would you be doing that you can’t do now? How would your life be different?

It would be my honor to speak with you further about this. If you feel called to, I invite you to learn more about working together.