Nedrra’s Story

Told from Nedrra’s perspective.

I’ve been guided most of my life – of course, that’s a blessing. The kick is: sometimes I don’t realise just how special that is.

I was adopted at birth and I clearly remember the difference between my two mothers – the woman that gave birth to me, who was distraught and worried, handing me over to my adopted mom, who was emanating love, compassion and kindness.

I knew that I was meant to be there, and that I had chosen this.

All throughout my childhood, I grew up knowing of spiritual presences around me. Consuelo, my guardian angel, was my constant companion, there when I was lonely and I could often be heard by my parents talking away to her.

Shoot forward a few decades, to when I was 30-ish years of age. I was married to my first husband – and bearing in mind that I was raised as a devout Catholic, in a loving home, he had a difference of opinion about what married life looked like.

My husband was in a band – a successful local one! – and he had a lot of talents. I was raised in a very loyal, small, devoted family, and the vast difference in our lifestyles led to many arguments. I was miserable. I remember sitting next to my young son’s bed, and crying, thinking “This can’t be my life!”. I threw myself to the floor, crying and praying to God and saying “Please guide me, please deliver me from this. You can’t mean that you want me to suffer like this, that you want my son to suffer, and that my husband will suffer.”

Within days or weeks of this event, I went on one of my visits to the hairdresser. My ego at this point had told me to keep quiet on all my struggles. But something had me opening up to my hairdresser that day – and it changed my life.

Image of Spiritual Healing elements from VIH at Hawaii
Image of Remote healing facility from VIH at Hawaii

I don’t recall what I shared with her, but my hairdresser stopped what she was doing, put her hand on my shoulder and angled herself to really look at me. She said – “I want you to do me a favour. I want you to go and visit this woman…and she’s just going to talk with you. She’s so cool.”

In the end, I visited the woman and gave a $10 donation for her time. She proceeded, in the most loving, organic way to talk about my life. Somehow, without me telling her, she knew how hard it was, and she said the most profound few words to me: “It’s all going to be okay.”

Hearing those few words was such a relief – this total stranger, who I hadn’t told anything about my life when I arranged my visit, was so compassionate and had this incredible deep knowing and understanding about the pain and struggle that I was going through.

She continued to tell me about all that was to come – that I was to be strong, and that I was meant to be here, and to have an understanding of a lot of different things, and that they would serve me well. And that above all else, I would be able to help others with all that I would learn.

I left this lady with a huge relief, feeling exhilarated, stunned even.

But my excitement was short-lived. When I arrived back at my hairdressers, and told her about my experience, she told me that the lady I had seen was a psychic.

My heart dropped.

As a Catholic, I had been taught that psychics were to be avoided – I shouldn’t even contact one for it would be a mortal sin.

I cried out to God once more, “Deliver me from evil!” and asked how and why it was wrong to be feeling so good from something that was supposedly so, so bad.

And I asked to be shown my path moving forward, because I wanted to be of service and had no idea how to do that.

Image of Volcano Island Remote healing facility in Hawaii

And so begins my avalanche of events, happenstance meetings, being befriended by spiritual peoples, and an unfolding in me that was awe-filled.

I have been incredibly gifted & lucky to work with some incredible teachers on my journey, including Nancy Ann Tappe at the Kairos Insititute, Emily Dillinger, Lee Carroll and more.

One such teacher taught me so much. By this point I was already in healing and my training and it was after my second son was born, perhaps 7 or 8 years after the above story.

Quantum Healing icon of volcano island havenWe went into a health foods store in San Diego, and there was this ooooold man behind the counter. (I used to call him my “Yoda”!) He would look at me, and ask “Hey lady, you want a job?” I remember thinking “No thank you, I have a job!” because at that point, I had already started my healing training and practice.

After my second visit, he asked me again – and I heard as I was leaving… “Oh, maybe this is one of those things. Maybe I’m supposed to listen to this?” so I said to my Universe “Well, if I’m supposed to work there, then let him ask me again and I’ll say yes.” – and guess what? The next time I went in there, he asked me again. And this time, I said yes.

This man, my Yoda, ended up being a Centenarian Herbalist. He would take me into the back of the store, to a huge warehouse. And he would look at me, take me to a huge bin filled with a particular kind of herb, looking at me intently. He would then hand me some of the herb in the palm of my hand – and ask me “What is this good for?” – I would ask what he meant, and he would say nothing else!

So I would make something up.

Image of alternative healing places from VIH at HawaiiAnd he would get disappointed in me, knock the herb out of my hand onto the floor, and say “Go sweep!”.

This continued a few more times, until I realised that I was supposed to somehow tune into the herbs and listen to what they had to say.

Eventually, I’d start to drop down and pretty soon I could start to feel the energy of the herb. I could see different people, and the symptoms they were having, and whether it was emotional or physical or mental…and I’d go “Oh, and it’s good for this – and that!” and he would sloooowly, slowly nod, say a quick “Okay.” and take me to the next herb.

And that is one small part of my training, showing what comes out of surprise and unexpected meetings.

At one point in our journey, we had to put our practice aside.

By now, I was married to Daerick. Our practice had to be put to one side, because my work with the Life Energizers took over.

We had to take on so many people in our team to help us with our speaking, spreading our work & message re the L.E…and we did that for a while.

It got to the point that our products were so popular, that we were run ragged with all that we were doing to keep up. Meanwhile, we were so grateful for all that we could do.

We would go to these events, and people were so enthusiastic and appreciative of our work that they were so willing to buy whatever it was that I was introducing.

Image of volcano island haven alternative treatment facility in hawaiiI remember thinking “No. This is not right…this is not what I’m trying to tell you! I don’t want your aberration.” And the more that I would say that to people, the more wonderful I would be told I was.

But I also felt out of alignment. I felt that I was a failure, and that I wasn’t being clear enough or communicating well enough the actual message my Life Energizers had about the mind-body intelligence and how much power it has to help you change your frequency.

I spoke to Daerick, and I told him how I could not do it anymore.

And that night, the Universe said to me “You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.”

Soon after that, my body started to break down. Within 4 months, I collapsed in a parking lot. Over the next few months, with my liver and kidneys failing, Daerick kept doing treatments on me – and yet they weren’t working, and I wasn’t getting any better.

After a few months of this, one morning…I knew that I was dying.

I had what is often called a near-death experience, and it was as beautiful as everyone else says it is. Yet I was told “This is not your time. You need to go back, you need to heal, and you need to teach. Share about your journey.”

And with that, began my long road to recovery. For months, I could do nothing by myself – and Daerick was by my side, caring for me and helping tend to my every need.

Image of Alternative Healing elements from VIH at Hawaii

Since then, it has been a whirlwind of crisis events, healing, and a deepening of my own understanding of energy – and how we can change the course of our lives, if we choose to do so.

It has also been about accepting and knowing that my part has been about those that the Universe brings my way, to help teach them what they need to know.

To help those pioneers and leaders who have been through so much pain, anger and angst – often over, and over, and over again. Yet they are still driven to survive.

And through hearing their stories, and exploring why they have come to me, here, now we discover – together – what the opportunity is, what it is that they are looking for…and IF it is possible – are you open to that? Would you welcome it?

And then that unfolds the journey between us both, if it is a YES.

The journey of discovery is profound.

I feel blessed to be able to facilitate that with people, and help them through it in whatever ways show up – whether that is through hands-on healing (retreating privately at our wonderful Volcano Island Haven) or through the phone.