Healing in Hawaii

Get away to a lush rainforest paradise, where you can be guided in-person, by us, on your own self-healing journey.

Whether you come for a private, 1:1 getaway or a group retreat alongside other like-minded individuals, you will get the chance to experience a whole new level of healing.

Firstly, you have to decide what kind of retreat you want to come to. We have a sliding scale of retreats, where you can come as one individual (a private retreat), or you can come as part of a small – or even larger – group of people (a group retreat).

Choose the type of retreat you are interested in to learn more:

Private Retreats

Our private retreats are purposely designed for you – no retreat is ever the same. Completely customized per person, your private retreat will enable you to completely maximize your time and have a personal, hands-on experience.

On arriving you will gain access to your own private studio, with en-suite bathroom (complete with a jacuzzi tub). You’ll also have access to our swimming pool, our salt-water therapeutic pool, our fire pit for rituals and so much more.

By having a completely customised-for-you retreat, this means that the time with Nedrra in council (your first step on any retreat), the amount of times you are seen by us, the time you have between healing sessions (to process and integrate), and more, is completely customised depending on what you need or what you come here for, or to experience.

Whatever the process, we keep a pulse on you the whole time that you are here, to make sure that you are supported during such a transformational time.

Healing Experiences

Healing therapy at Volcano Island HavenThroughout your time here, you will work with both Nedrra and Daerick with hands-on treatments and healing. In fact, while Daerick performs healing treatments both remotely and in-person, the only way to access healing from Nedrra is through the in-person treatments that she provides at these retreats.

It may be that Nedrra feels that you could use some extra support while here, in which case she will create and provide you with customised bath salts and self-healing products to promote your healing even more.

All of your experiences here at VIH are designed to help you, support you, and to promote your healing. But not only do we have our own unique gifts that can support you, so can the land here in the Rainforest at Volcano Island Haven.

Part of the process of your retreat will be to commune with this land. Whether that is through taking walks in our 12 acres of rainforest, or working on the land in a piece where you are called to spend some time with, to give your energy to the land.

Quantum healing icon of VIHTo allow yourself to receive (with your hands in the dirt!) the energy + support the land can offer you, whether you are planting something, pulling out weeds or something else – allowing this sort of communion between you and this land allows you to connect even more with nature and the elements that are here to support you.

And once our time together in person is complete, you can also continue to receive healing with Daerick remotely, if you choose that path.

Picture of Remote healing facility at Volcano Island in Hawaii

When you come here in person to VIH, not only do you get the full attention of two practitioners – Nedrra and Daerick – but you also have the in-person support of the elements that have been working so strongly with Nedrra and Daerick in this land, who they have been co-creating this consciousness with.

Your commitment to being here – that kick starts the whole process. And arriving on this land? That takes it to a whole new level.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear people driving up our 500ft driveway, exclaiming as they drive in. We’ve even had one lady arrive who took so long to get from the beginning to end – because she would drive a little bit, stop the car, jump out, take some photos, exclaim some more…and repeat, all the way up the driveway!

The reason for that? People FEEL the energy when they come onto the property.

Picture of Remote healing facility at Volcano Island Haven in Hawaii

Why might a retreat be the next best step for you?

Quantum Healing icon of VIHIf you’re here, reading this page…then you are already feeling called to this. However, there might be a few specific situations where we can help you figure out if this is the right direction for you to go.

If any of the following apply to you, then a private retreat could be the best next step:

  • You feel pushed against a wall and know that it’s time to break through
  • You might have a physical condition you want healing from (but know that it goes much deeper than that)
  • You want to dive much deeper into your physical, emotional, and/or spiritual blocks
  • You are under the umbrella of knowing that there is something you are here on this earth, in this lifetime, to become – but whatever you’ve tried, you just haven’t been able to get that final puzzle piece that helps you get there

Healing supplements from Volcano island HavenThe good news is that this is exactly what working with Nedrra and Daerick can help you with. Nedrra herself has had experience with her own health issues, strokes and has been able to go to such deep levels and experience healing and helping herself in so many profound ways, that she can now help others do the same.

And when you finally have that puzzle piece to help you build the picture, it’s almost like having a magic wand that you can wave about…with no idea how to use it. And this is where Nedrra and Daerick can help teach you how.

Group Retreats

Our group retreats are designed to give you the most support possible, and experience healing from a whole host of different perspectives. Most of our group retreats are based on a theme on what a particular group of people might want to experience.

The two themes that almost ALL of our work fits around are self-healing and transformational work.

People come on our group retreats to further their self-healing, and to further their own emotional growth. Our group retreats also help enable you to go away from our retreats with the tools necessary to facilitate that healing way beyond our own physical time together.

Our group retreats are normally held for between 2 and 15 people.

What can I experience at a group retreat?

We want you to feel the magic around us here at VIH, there are rituals and ceremonies that you will be doing as well as group work, and receiving hands-on treatments from Nedrra and Daerick. This is not just another typical yoga or meditation retreat – but a chance to experience true transformation.

You may stay in a private room – to gain the privacy you feel necessary for your growth here – or choose to stay in a shared room, with another of your fellow retreat attendees.

Your beds are also super luxurious – air-controlled, dual chamber Queen size beds with Portuguese flannel sheets. Incredibly warm and welcome, and as luxurious as you can imagine.

Here are some sample activities you may undertake during a group retreat at VIH:

Remote healing facility at Volcano Island Haven in Hawaii


On your first day here, there will be a fire ceremony. We have a huge fire pit, which is over 6 feet round and 42 inches high. We have fires that be truly magnificent – and very high! – in here. During this ceremony, we guide you through how to do a renewal (or cleansing) ceremony.

Quantum healing icon of VIH
Foods and Supplements at Volcano Island Haven in Hawaii


All of your meals are included in your retreat. The meals are participatory, through observing, prepping or being part of the clean-up. It can be relaly hard for us to understand how critical what we are consuming food-wise truly is. We’re so used to feeling sluggish, confused in the mind, or having indigestion – and we don’t know how that correlates to our eating habits. We typically have a conversation around this every day, and you are encouraged to participate.

Beautiful flower for spiritual growth treatment at Volcano Island Haven in Hawaii


Throughout your time here, there will be a focus on different areas, including: food; water; the land here; bathing; healing sessions with Daerick; private sessions with Nedrra; group work; and anything else we feel necessary to further your time here.

Quantum healing icon of volcano island haven
Remote healing bathing facility at Volcano Island Haven in Hawaii


Our water here is incredible – it is rainwater that is put through an (expensive) filtering system that even includes UV rays zapping for bugs. This water is used not only as our drinking water source, but also as the water we bathe in.

Quantum Healing icon of volcano island haven

Healing Sessions with Daerick + Private Sessions with Nedrra

During a group retreat, you will also have the chance to have private sessions with both Nedrra and Daerick. You will have the option of also experiencing acupuncture, as well as individual healing and coaching sessions with us both. These will give you the chance to receive hands-on support and healing, customised completely to your needs, if you wish.

Customised self-healing products

Depending on the package of your retreat, you may also receive customised bath soaks and salts that are essential-oil based, vibrational and created by hand – just for you – by Nedrra on-site.

Quantum healing icon of ViH in Hawaii

Remote Healing facility in Volcano Island Haven in HawaiiWe have a tremendous amount of aloha and compassion for people – all we do is based in love. But sometimes, we may also need to remind you that THIS is what you have come here for.

As Tony Robbins says, this is a truly transformational journey – you need people to help you through it.

Depending on the length of your retreat, you may find yourself following this sort of path:

  • First 1-3 days — segueing from your own world into this new one (being a little snappy or snarly is completely normal, and often typical).
  • The next body of time — your transformational time. You start to feel more of the presence of the land, and the consciousness of the property here at VIH.
  • The last 3-5 days — You are now segueing back into your own world, and we are preparing and teaching you how to re-enter the world.

Remote Healing facility in VIH in HawaiiThe beginning and the end are the hardest parts. Towards the end in particular, you may have a little worry about what will happen when you go home. We are here to help, and will provide with you the mindset strategies and daily rituals to follow. We’re not going to lie – it can be hard! Because here at VIH, you can feel the magic, and sometimes you may also feel it’ll be easy to continue once you’re home. But there is a different energy at home – and we consider it our job is to help you with this transition.

Because of this, after a group retreat we offer you three follow-up sessions on Skype or via the phone, to help you integrate back into your world within the first 2-3 weeks of being there.

Further teaching and healing, beyond our retreat.

We also have offers for you that will help facilitate this energy, magic-harnessing and teach you even more how to harness this through your own home in the forms of private groups or private sessions, and if we feel it is appropriate for you then we will let you know about that after our final session.

This further teaching will help you learn how to apply and utilise the magic that is here at VIH and how to create this magic within your home environment, so that you’re learning how to commune with the consciousness of your home, your neighborhood and to see the beauty of what is around your everyday.